Health & Medicare Supplements

One of our largests expenses over time is health care and the insurance to cover those expenses.  Let's us help you find cost-effective solutions.

Life Insurance

Insurance has many functions, but most of them are summarized as responsibility.  Ensure your legacy lives, your loved one are care for, and your core responsibility are taken care if you are no loger here.

Retirement Education

There are many ways to protect, distribute and pass on your assets.  We can review your personal situation, identify opportunities and offer solutions.


Technology and Relationships

We are advocates of technology and passionate about our relationships with our clients.  Technology allows us to be more efficient, provide better service and ultimatley build more and stronger relationship with our clients.  We can do many services over the phone, via video conference and still do house calls.  Let's talk about what platform works best for you.


With a name like TAOKYM - The Art Of Keeping Your Money, its only natural that this topic comes up.  Our team are licensed, independent insurance agents.  That means we can shop multiple companies and find the most cost effective and appropriate product for your situations.  There are often dozens of companies that provide the prodcut or service you are looking for.  Some or for profit corporations with years of history, others are fraternal organizations that don't spend as much money on marketing, either can be a cost-effective solution for your needs.  Let us review your options with you and help you make an informed decision.  We dont' charge you for our services.


Next Steps...

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