Life Insurance

There are many reasons to purchase life insurance.  At Taokym Retirement Solutions our job is to listen to your needs, educate you on the solutions available and provide the most cost effective one that meets your needs.

Whole Life Insurance - Final expense coverage for people who haven't saved $10,000 to $25,000 for their burial and additional final expenses

Term Life Insurance - Used for instances where the insurance only needs to last for a period of time, like mortgage protection, college education funding and income replacement when the "bread-winner" dies unexpectedly, or for final expenses if the client is actively saving and expects to have a final expense account before the end of the term

Universal Life Insurance - Flexible in premium and may not have a guaranteed death benefit.  This is for savvy individuals who are willing to take on more risk and engage actively in the management of their policy.

Single Premium Whole Life - This type of policy is sometimes used for final expenses or legacy gifts.  Pay a single premium to cover these expenses today for a death benefit at some point in the future.

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