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Our Approach

Help people be smart with their money, so  they can retirement years before they thought they could and stay that way.

Educate our clients about a variety of topics that impact their ability to systematically save money, accumulate wealth and secure financial independence.

Provide expertise on day to day decisions, insurance and provide strategic relationships that provide security and wealth accumulation .

Our Story

I'm John Jakiun, the principal owner of TAOKYM Retirement Solutions.  I began my professional life in the United Stated Marine Corps.  After being honorably discharged I worked in the information technology industry, achieving my Masters of Science in Information Systems.  Between 1997 and 2001 I earned a solid living, but couldn't understand why the income I earned didn't correlate to my wealth and financial independence.  Coming from a family where neither parent had a college degree and having limited family education on wealth accumulation, I had no idea how to build wealth or what it really meant.  In 2001 the IT bubble burst and by 2003 I was searching for a new career.  My next career would drastically change my life.  I started in Insurance in 2003 and focused on the retirement market.  It was during this time I began meeting hundreds of people planning for and entering retirement as well as current retirees.  Many were planning their retirement on social security alone, some had pensions, most had some form of IRA or 401k savings.  It was at this point I began to realize that most people had a limited knowledge about wealth accumulation and financial independence and relied on the government to determine their financial independence or their retirement date/age.  Over the years I've personally engaged in several techniques that help me make better choices, accumulate wealth and find my financial independence.  I hope to share these ideas with my clients via email updates, phone calls, video conference and one on one meetings.  Some of these savings occur in the insurance industry and some occur in your daily life.  Its my mission to help people meet their goals through practical plans that get results.

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John Jakiun

Founder & Managing Member

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