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Be smart with your money

Many people go through life chasing a salary, income or financial goal.  While that is important we find most don't save or shop as they should.  Let us help you increase your awareness and wealth building capabilities.

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Insure what's important

We believe there are things in life that require special attention and we believe your ability to understand the most cost effective way of protecting them can lead to wealth preservation and wealth accumulation for you and future generations.

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Financial Independence

Some call it retirement, but that's often thought of as something you do after 65.  We like to refer to it as financial independence.  When do you want out of the "rat race"?  Let us help you meet your goals.

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Some call it retirement, but we like to call it financial independence.  Many believe it happens after 65, 67, or 70, but at TAOKYM Retirement Solutions we believe it can happen when you want it to.   The art of keeping your money focuses on not just earnings, but your spending and savings too.   We offer innovative and practical ways to save and a focus on consumerism.  When you understand wholesale vs retail purchasing and what things really cost you can save much more money then you ever thought possible.  It has to start with a vision and lifestyle changes.  Let us help you meet your short-term and long-term goals.


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